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The formulation of the strategy is always based on the need to respond efficiently to action, with efficiency in a complex environment, with great changes and subject to periods of crisis.

Professional advice is provided in the development and implementation of projects and businesses, from idea management, risk assessment to implementation and start-up. It is accompanied in the necessary management to improve, making possible an efficient administration of the resources. Business opportunities are detected. Tools and management processes are implemented to improve business decisions with business strategies.



Marketing is the means by which an organization communicates, connects and engages with its target audience to transmit the brand value, and in the last instance, to sell its products and services. Since the emergence of digital media, particularly social networks and technological innovations, it has become increasingly about building deeper, meaningful and lasting relationships with people who want to buy such products and services.

We offer integral marketing advice, design, analyze and develop marketing strategies and innovative actions. We suggest ideas and, if necessary, implement them.



The market is not limited to a region or a country. The world generates a lot of opportunities to develop alternative markets.

We offer the development of sales opportunities for products and services in foreign markets, as well as the acquisition of products and services from abroad.


Developing the institutional image is essential to be well positioned in the market. The external and internal image cannot be forgotten and this is where the advice, brings qualities of great value and support the development of the activities of professionals and companies.

We offer to design, propose, execute and evaluate the policies, plans and strategy of communication and public relations of the company. Analysis of the current image in the press, social networks, Internet, and other media, and their direct and indirect forms of communication.

We also offer comprehensive marketing advice, design, analyze and develop marketing strategies and innovative actions. Ideas are suggested and, if necessary, implemented.



Entrepreneur, industrialist, artist, all synonyms, people behind a concrete project.

We offer accompanying projects that have high commercial, service, technological, or scientific potential.

We also provide comprehensive marketing advice, design, analyze and develop marketing strategies and innovative actions. Ideas are suggested and, if necessary, implemented.



Business and business strategy

Determining company objectives based on the current context
Formulation of strategies: growth, differentiation of product or price, acquisition, etc.
Implementation of strategies

Development of strategies and management of projects that provide organizations with an optimal and immediate capacity to adapt to changing environments, through the provision of information necessary for a correct decision-making at all times.

Collaboration in the definition of business ideas, in the management of projects, business analysis (opening new business, improving established businesses), and we provide strategies for business and projects, strategies for companies in different industries.

Contribution of local, national and international networking, public, private, NGOs, and international and multilateral organizations.

Training in strategy.

Training of middle and senior managers in strategy and marketing. Work coordination with the controls.

Development of products and services.

Evaluation in the launch of new products in the Market. Demand Studies and Market Research. Quantitative and, fundamentally, qualitative research.


Strategic analysis.
Strategic planning.
Determination of scenarios.
Determination of the real market and total potential.
Competitive analysis.
Segmentation and target.
Positioning and price analysis.
Projection of demand.
Analysis of rentability.
Analysis on a specific market.
Analysis of a specific economic sector.

Business Strategies - Sales Strategies

Sales planning, sales strategies suitable to boost sales of companies and businesses.

Definition of the sales strategy. Arming the sales plan. Definition of objectives.

Market research

Sector and Industry Studies.
Market Segmentation.
Target analysis and consumer profile.
Consumer behavior.
Product, Advertising / Promotion, Price and Plaza / Distribution Studies.
Customer Satisfaction and Users. Customer Analysis
Market direction and trends.
Competence Studies. Analysis of the competition.
Evaluation and reformulation of products.
Demand Analysis.
Analysis of the offer of Goods and Services.

Development of Strategic Marketing Plans

Analysis of the competitive situation of the company.
Definition of competitive advantages.
Analysis of the needs of the different market segments.
Analysis of the attractiveness of the company / product.
Definition of the potential market.

Marketing - Operative Marketing Plans

Development of the marketing plan and Marketing Plans.
Definition of objectives, positioning and tactics.
Definition of products and services.
Development of the plan for distribution channels.
Fixing and pricing policy.
Communication program: Sales Force, Advertising, Press, Public Relations.
Promotion, Direct Marketing, Fairs and Exhibitions, Merchandising.
Monitoring and control of the marketing plan.

International trade

Internationalization of companies.

Search and selection of international commercial agents, distributors, representatives and partners in international markets.

Organization of trade missions, participation in fairs and rounds.

Research and development of international markets. Search for customers and suppliers abroad.

Negotiation. Payment Methods. Contracts. Financing. Normative.

Adequacy of products and services to the target market.

Corporate and corporate image

Analysis and optimization of the corporate image.

Institutional representation: areas of government, agencies, trade unions, etc.


Planning of integral communication campaigns, start-up and follow-up, elaboration and presentation of projects. Corporate identity, alignment of communication with strategic objectives.

Design of communication plans and customized communication strategies. Elaboration of contents.

Organization of social events. Preparation of corporate presentations. Preparation of conferences, talks, presentations and meetings with clients

Strategic communication

(Only for high potential projects)

Opportunity analysis. Formulation of the project.

Search for markets, and investors.


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