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About us

In the year 1920 born in Poland, Pawel Staszewski, son of an industralist in Czestochowa. After losing everything in World War II, arrived, in the middle of Century in Argentina.  He began as a simple employee. Of craftsman one became creative genius. He was always one step ahead. From advertising to medicine. From communications to real estate. From transportation to dance clubs. He created more than 52 companies of diverse headings. His son continues his legacy ...

Our company, since 1995, began by engaging in international trade, especially commodities. We specialize in generating business opportunities, market developments, direct representation of large companies. Over time, opened new doors, new business development, financial advisory, commercial and sales, development and marketing of properties, and so on. This is a market with great potential. Currently, we have specialized, due to the vagaries of the global economy, representing business, international business development, market research, entrepreneurship and partnership with government and multilateral agencies.

Companies in our history

MEDICINE                                                            TRANSPORT
Clinica Central Munro SRL                                Río Delta Navegación SA
Centro Médico Alros SRL                                   Río Alfa Navegación SA
Centro Médico Santa Silvia SRL                       Río Delta Uruguay SA
Elite Médical Service SA
                                                                             GASTRONOMY AND ENTERTAINMENT
TECHNOLOGY                                                   Bigote SRL
Cablestel SA                                                        El Chaleco Colorado SRL
Anicor SA                                                            Monkeys SRL
Tinco SA                                                                                            
MACHINE TOOLS                                              Eucapallets SA

Cuniver SA                                                          Bambstar Argentina SRL         

Armaq SA                                                                                           
ADVERTISING                                                    Fibratel SRL

Publimarket SA                                                                                                
REAL ESTATE                                                   
Binco SA
Kineret SA                                                           La Paz SCA      
                                                                             Someco SA   


Asecomex SA.


Organización SyS

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